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AstraZeneca and big Pharma don’t even use lube.

by on Jan.17, 2018, under Family

Big Pharma - the REAL drug cartel

I have a tale of woe I would like to share with you. It’s long but please bear with me.

I have taken #Symbacort for years. At $180CAD a prescription it’s not cheap. On my last trip to Mexico I found I can buy EXACTLY the same thing at a chain pharmacy for $30! I have a friend who spends his winters in the Philippines.  He uses Symbacort as well and can buy it for less than half in the Philippines than what he would pay in Canada.  So I called @AstraZeneca and asked them why. Naturally I got all kinds of gobbledygook and was told I could apply to the Alberta government for a hardship allowance.  The nerve!

This was not what I was looking for! I was asking for a justification for a seven fold price increase in Alberta. It’s no wonder our medical system is crashing down around our ears. I would imagine this is just one example of big pharma raping us. AstraZeneca had the audacity to suggest I should turn to Alberta tax payers to insure their outrageous profit margins.

Drug pricing in Alberta and Canada in general must be investigated. The EpiPen is only one instance where big pharma’s egregious pricing policies came to light.

It’s been reported that medical supplies, equipment and drugs are being supplied to hospitals at outrageous profit margins. I know for a fact that kickbacks in the medical field are common and wide spread. We are paying for this!

Some will say it’s just capitalism. Price to what the market can bear. That only works in a market that is truly competitive. Currently we are at the mercy of big pharma and those who turn a blind eye and support them.

You may have an insurance plan that covers your medications. That’s great but all it does is allow big pharma to hide below the radar since people don’t feel the pricing pain directly and immediately. Just ask yourself, what would you do if you didn’t have insurance coverage? It could happen. Your insurer could arbitrarily change your plan and you have no recourse.

Erna Regehr and I have Blue Cross. When we signed up they asked for a list of all medications we were on. They said they needed that before they could give us a quote. Once we got the quote they excluded EVERY medication we currently take. If we upgraded our coverage to the next higher premium they would be covered. But guess what the higher premium equaled the retail cost of our medications. Another scam as I am sure Blue Cross gets a kick back from big pharma.

Contact @JustinTrudeau and your MLA/MP and demand a comprehensive review of pharmaceutical pricing in Canada. Currently Canada has the second highest pharma pricing in industrialized nations next to the US.

It’s only going to get worse. Please share this as it appears things only change when politicians and/or companies are publicly shamed.

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